With deep roots coming from a military background, Dmo has never necessarily settled on one place that he would call home.  Although the better half of his life was spent in California, Dmo comes from a background in which he moved around multiple times, being that his father was in the Military.  It’s something he’s proud of, and a story he embraces.

He originally began putting rhymes together at the age of 15.  Using his literary skill-set,  he found an ability to fit in with the those who looked like him.  Freestyles lead the lunch tables and several mixtapes became the topic of conversation around the school.

However, it wasn’t until he landed in college, where he realized his innate ability to write. His style grew, his content changed, his cadences matured. 

In 2012, he put out his third and most receptive studio recorded album entitled Emotions; boasting several blog appearances, radio interviews, and local notoriety.

However, as he understood his growth, Dmo realized it was once again time to relocate as which was fitting to the habits of his lifestyle. In the late summer of 2014, Dmo uprooted himself, this time alone, and moved to Los Angeles, California.

In 2016, Dmo released an EP titled "Here I Go," allowing him to secure more stage time and build a fan base in Los Angeles. The jazz infused project included 5 records that showcased his lyrical abilities and range as an artist.

As he put himself around other talented artists, he began to grow.  He was developing from the artist perspective.  He learned to offer more cinematic raps, while condensing his lyrics and relying more on style and feel to carry the records.  

2018 was filled with live performances around California and the release of several singles as he harbored in new fans that weren’t previously familiar with his records.

Dmo is currently working on building his entertainment label Great Society, and working with other artist in Los Angeles. His current focus is on growing his catalog. As a seasoned independent artist, he writes and records his own music and will release plenty more records in the year to come.